For Inbounds | 国際ロータリー第2750地区青少年交換委員会|Rotary International District 2750 Rotary Youth Exchenge

Welcome to 2750 Rotary Youth Exchange

Fifty one years ago, in April 1963, our first exchange started with the Rotary Club of Parramatta (New South Wales, Australia). Since then, we have conducted 438 inbound and 502 outbound exchanges with 95 Rotary Districts in 22 countries—Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA, Brazil, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Argentine, Turkey, Mexico, France, Norway, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Finland, Switzerland, Indonesia, Austria, Belgium, and Italy.
Through this program we hope to offer the participating high school students a golden opportunity for culture exchange, education, and self-discovery.

FAQ by Inbound Students 2014/4/23 updated